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Weleta: Viditure Tech to Launch E-signature App in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – A Private from, Viditure Technology Solution Plc, is set to introduce a digital signature application to Ethiopian users.

The all-new digital/ E- signature platform, known as Weleta, is the first in Ethiopia, the firm says, adding it will revolutionize the way contracts and agreements are signed in the country.

Weleta’s use of electronic signatures eliminates the need for physical documents along with reducing manual processing by improving accuracy.

Viditure has made Weleta available for organizations and individuals on web and mobile applications for both Android and iOS users to sign from anywhere.

The platform offers several features for businesses and individuals who need to create or sign documents. The features include the ability to create and sign documents online while enabling businesses to access documents and send them to recipients instantly, thus reducing turnaround times and allowing for faster decision-making.

In addition, users of the service can easily sign various agreements and contracts by making a video agreement through the mobile application without having to be physically present.

“Weleta e-signature platform is a key pillar to transform how we do business in Ethiopia and make our business and life more efficient and productive,” said Kebron Dejene, Founder and CEO of Viditure Technology Solution Plc.

“We are hopeful that this app will bring convenience and improved efficiency to businesses and individuals across Ethiopia and beyond and spark huge interest in the market,” he added.

Weleta is credible and acceptable under Ethiopian law and Proclamation No 1072/2018, E-SIGN Act, and other similar laws globally, according to the owner.