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Ethiopian Selects Inmarsat’s GX to Offer High-speed Inflight Wi-Fi

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Airlines will offer high-speed inflight broadband to passengers onboard its upcoming new A350-1000 aircraft, with GX Aviation provided by Inmarsat and selected through the Airbus Airspace Link HBCplus program.

The selection of GX Aviation connectivity and HBCplus was revealed at Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Germany on Thursday.

The first of Ethiopian Airlines’ Airbus A350-1000 aircrafts is set to be delivered in the Third Quarter (Q3) of 2024.

This supports the airline’s Vision 2035 Strategy which focuses on expanding its fleets, enhancing its passenger experience and maintaining its leading position in the airline industry, per the Airlines.

With GX Aviation and selected through the Airbus Airspace Link HBCplus program, passengers onboard the A350-1000 aircraft will be able to enjoy high-speed inflight broadband

Ethiopian will also benefit from a more streamlined, efficient order process that will ensure its latest aircraft meet the rapidly growing passenger demand to stay connected while flying.

“As we endeavor to maintain our position as Africa’s number one and among the leading airlines globally, we know one of the key success factors is giving our passengers the best possible onboard experience,” Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Mesfin Tasew said.

“Connectivity is a crucial part of our services and products; and bringing Inmarsat’s best-in-class GX Aviation service to our passengers, as part of Airbus’ HBCplus program, is a major step forward,” he added.

Inmarsat’s latest Passenger Experience Survey found that 97% of respondents use their personal devices on flights for entertainment, such as streaming movies and TV shows. In addition, 82% of passengers are more likely to rebook with an airline that offers quality inflight Wi-Fi.

“We are excited about delivering our award-winning GX Aviation inflight broadband to Ethiopian Airlines’ passengers starting from next year,” said Niels Steenstrup, President of Inmarsat Aviation, a company recently acquired by Viasat.

“This will enable them to stream videos, browse the internet, shop online, enjoy social media and more, all from the comfort of their seats and using their personal devices.”

Powered by Inmarsat’s Global Xpress satellite network, GX Aviation delivers connectivity on every aircraft, on any route, and for every passenger. Airline customers will also benefit from seven more Inmarsat satellite payloads entering service by 2025, increasing its Ka-band network fleet to 12.

This includes two Inmarsat-6s, both of which have already launched, followed by two payloads in highly elliptical orbit, enabling the world’s only commercial mobile broadband service for flights in higher latitudes and across the Arctic. This delivers uninterrupted connectivity on high-elevation routes. Three additional satellites will then launch in geostationary orbit, adding further speed and capacity.

Ethiopian Airlines currently operates more than 150 domestic and international passenger and cargo destinations across five continents.

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