Embassy Launches Book Co-authored by Ethiopian and Indonesian Scholars

ADDIS ABABA – The Indonesian embassy in Ethiopia launched a new book, titled ‘Quality Thinking in the 21st Century’, co-authored by scholars from the two countries.

The book, launched on Saturday in partnership with Harambe University, encourages young people in the two countries to develop critical thinking to better respond to the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Five Ethiopian and two Indonesian scholars who serve as University professors in their respective countries co-authored ‘Quality Thinking’.

According to the authors, the book aims to extend the latest perspectives in critical thinking that the new generation needs to develop their talents in meeting common global challenges.

The book’s forward says, there have been numerous dynamics in the process of recent national and international development, the book reads.

“This phenomenon must be addressed by improving the quality of each individual’s thinking, which can then be translated into real terms and implemented in both government and non-government institutions,” the forward reads.

The authors believe ‘Quality thinking’ will particularly be key for young people who want to play a major role in their country’s development.

“With myriad problems awaiting the creativity and global mindset of the millennials, this will be a valuable asset for every country,” said Taufan Teguh (Ph.D.), one of the two Indonesian co-authors.

He also pointed out educators’ responsibility in developing the young generation’s skills that are capable of responding to the changes and demands of the time.

Teshale Birhanu (Ph.D.), a lecturer at Gondar University, notes that the book can also assist everyone “who rigorously reviews his ideas, thoroughly studies solutions, and balances all the arguments for and against their actions while being self-critical.”

“Quality Thinking,” he said, “is a system of judgments that are used to analyze things and events with the formulation of valid conclusions and allows you to make an informed assessment and interpretation, as well as correctly apply these results to situations and problems.”

Indonesia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Al Busyra Basnur, who hosted the book launching event, also participated in the publication of ‘Quality Thinking’ as editor.

“I am trying to encourage young people to develop a great way of thinking in facing, adapting, and doing things to solve problems,” he said.

The ambassador also stressed the importance of having more collaborative similar works, particularly by non-government institutions, to further the two countries’ bilateral relations.

Given that it was produced by academics, the book will have a positive impact in bringing the two people closer, said the ambassador, urging non-government actors to “put in extra effort and energy to ensure that public diplomacy thrives.”