ESL, Port Officials Discuss ways to Boost Ethiopia-Djibouti Logistics Services

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics’ CEO Beriso Amelo and his delegation met with Djibouti port officials on Sunday as he embarked on a three-day visit to the neighboring country.

Beriso’s visit to Djibouti is his first since his appointment as the CEO of the state-owned logistics giant earlier this month.

His first day discussions with Djibouti Port officials were centered on “taking significant steps to boost Ethio-Djibouti shipping and logistics sector,” Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Djibouti Berhanu Tsegaye said.

The ambassador accompanied the CEO when he met with Chairman of Djibouti Ports and Free Zones Authority (DPFZA), Omar Hadi, on Sunday.

The discussions were focused “on enhancing Ethiopian logistics services through Djibouti ports, and improving cargo clearance procedures,” the Authority noted.

The two sides also discussed the construction of roads on the port corridor involving the 80km being built with the support of the Saudi fund, the 35 km under construction financed by DPCR and the 21km already built.

The ESL delegation also met with the SGTD Doraleh Terminal and Doraleh Multipurpose port.

In the meeting, Port officials presented in detail the infrastructure, equipments and ongoing projects at the terminal.

It also involved “measures in place to address the growing demands of our customers, especially our main partner, Ethiopia,” they said.

Djibouti’s economy and 85% of its gross domestic product rely on the service sector particularly its port and related services to which Addis Ababa is the main customer. The port also handles about 90% of all inbound trade for landlocked Ethiopia.