Ethio telecom upgrades telebirr App to telebirr SuperApp with more customer experience excelling features
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Telebird SuperApp: Ethio Telecom Upgrades Telebirr to add more Services

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio Telecom has upgraded Telebirr, a mobile payment and digital wallet service, into a Telebird SuperApp in a bid to expand services offered on the platform.

The digital platform has been able to play in the development of digital payment in Ethiopia since its launch in May 2021, acquiring 30 million users across the nation.

Apart from offering digital financial services, the platform has helped more than 200 private and government service-providing institutions to digitize their payment systems.

Many more entities are now working to digitize their payment system with the support of Telebirr, currently integrated with 19 commercial banks.

‘TeleBird Adds More a variety services’

“To transcend the momentum of its multifaceted roles, meet the ever-growing demands of the promising developments of digital payment and ease the day-to-day lifestyle of our society, we have upgraded Telebirr App to Telebird SuperApp,” Ethio Telecom said.

The telco officially launched Telebird on Thursday and said the SuperAPP will play a “paramount role” in enabling users to get access to Telebirr financial services, e-commerce and Mini Apps/Programs, and social networking & lifestyle.

Customers can also use Telebird to conduct a variety of purchasing processes and transactions, said the state-owned telecom service provider with a total of 70 million subscribers.

Upgrade to enhance customers’ experience

The upgrade is expected to solve the issues that have been observed in the existing platform such as performance, security system, login & registration time and phone memory consumption, and more.

According to Ethio Telecom, TeleBird has incorporated new features and functions such as biometric authentication, and ‘My Ethiotel & our partners’ Apps into the menu.

These new features, Ethio Telecom officials say, would ensure customers seamlessly obtain “a variety of products and services with an increased ease of use to navigate for specific services in one digital marketplace.”

Telebirr’s growing Reach

The telco officials anticipate the SuperApp to further bolster the growing transaction through the transaction.

Telebirr users transacted more than 166.1 billion Birr in the first half of the current 2022/23 fiscal year alone, generating 82.5 million Birr in revenue.

The Telebirr remittance service helped Ethiopians residing in 44 countries sent a total value of $1.95 million remittance home

The recently launched Telebirr-based digital financial services, namely Mela micro-credit and Sanduq micro-saving, have also enabled 1.4 customers to borrow 2.1 billion birr worth of loans while 400,000 customers saved 1.7 billion Birr, to date.

“The Telebirr digital payment platform has been able to fast-track the development of digital payment in Ethiopia,” says the telco, pledging to continue its effort “with the strong intention of bridging the financial inclusion gap of the nation.”