Officials Midroc Investment Group and Elomatic India signed the contract in Addis Ababa on Friday

Midroc to Build Penicillin Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Plant

ADDIS ABABA – Midroc Investment Group (MIG) and Elomatic India on Friday signed an agreement for the design and engineering work of a pharmaceuticals manufacturing plant.

The agreement aimes at designing and accomplishing the engineering works for the production of penicillin in Addis Ababa.

The contract was signed between Midroc’s Pharmacure Plc and Elomatic Pharmalab Consulting & Engineering Pvt Ltd on Friday.

“We are excited to engage with Elomatic,” said MIG’s CEO Jamal Ahmed, after signing the contract.

The CEO said Elomatic “has the experience of working on multiple projects of different difficulties under international regulatory norms with eminent firms in various areas of the world.”

The scope of the design work involves site master plan, concept and architectural designs, process engineering, basic engineering, technical bid analysis and 3D modeling.

Regional CEO Abhay Ranjan, who signed the contract on behalf of the consultant firm, said delighted to expand Elomatic’s work to Ethiopia.

“With this big project, we are pleased to develop our cooperation with the biggest company in the country, Midroc Investment Group, and broaden our experience in Ethiopia,” he said.

Elomatic India, a Joint Venture of Finland’s Elomatic Oy, provides end to end engineering & consulting solutions.

The new contract would partner Elomatic and Pharmacure to work in a project to design tablets, hard gelatin capsules, and dry syrup. Additionally, the project can be expanded to include sterile penicillin in vials.

Pharmacure, which marketed its products for the first time in 2002, manufactures and supplies Large Volume Parentrals (LVP) mostly given to patients admitted to hospital due to accidents.


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