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National Palace to Be Open for Visitors Soon

ADDIS ABEBA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Monday that two palaces in Addis Abeba will be open for visitors “within few months”.

The government wants to generate more revenue from tourism by creating new tourist destinations in the country. Opening the national places as the museum is part of the scheme, the Prime Minister said.

Accordingly, the Jubilee (national) palace, located near besides ministry of foreign affairs’ headquarters, will be open for visitors fully.

The grand palace, where the prime minister office and residence is currently located, will partially be open for tourists.

Both the prime minister and the presidential offices and residences are expected to live in the same compound at the grand palace located in 4 Kilo area, according to Abiy.

Major artifacts and over 40 cars of different models that were used by government officials of different regimes will also be on display for visitors.

Abiy said it is a part of the government’s plan to develop new tourist destinations in the country. “Such places could help us earn a lot of money,” he said while speaking with lawmakers on Monday.