The council ministers held its 76th regular session on Saturday. Photo PMEthiopia

Cabinet Approves Excise Tax Bill, Extradition Deals with Türkiye, UAE

ADDIS ABABA – The Council of Ministers passed several resolutions including the approval of a revised Excise tax bill and agreements to extradite criminals with Türkiye and UAE.

The Council, in its 16th regular session on Saturday, first dealt with the $107.17 million loan agreement signed with the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA).

The agreement will finance the implementation of the Sustainable Land Management Project II.

The PM office says the ministers agreed on the contribution the project will have in boosting land productivity, supporting the effort to build a green economy, and improving the livelihoods of farmers.

They went on to unanimously vote in favor of passing the resolution to approve the loan deal and refer it to lawmakers for final approval.

Excise tax bill

The second agenda tabled for deliberation was a resolution to revise the existing Excise Tax Proclamation.  

A recent assessment looked into the benefits and gaps in the implementation of the proclamation since its enactment in 2022.  

The PM Office says this assessment found it necessary to revise the rate of tax levied on some products, leading to the preparation of the draft proclamation.

After adding their inputs to the revised Excise Tax draft proclamation, the Council of Ministers approved the proposed bill. The draft proclamation has been directed to the parliament for further scrutiny and ratification.

Extradition Agreements

During its session on Saturday, the council discussed two bilateral agreements signed with Turkiye and the United Arab Emirates on the extradition of individuals wanted for crimes and legal cooperation in criminal matters. 

The agreements will also be crucial in preventing criminals evading justice from going from one country to the other, as per the PM Office.

The Office said the bilateral agreements will give legal frameworks for cooperation in extraditing wanted criminals wanted in organized and cross-border crimes.

After detailed discussions on the proposed bilateral agreements, the council unanimously passed resolutions to approve the extradition deals and sent them to the lawmakers for ratification.

Saturday’s cabinet meeting also approved draft directives prepared to re-establish four institutes working on the health sector and decided to be enacted as the date of the publication on the Federal Negarit Gazeta.

These institutions are the Armauer Hansen Research Institute; the Ethiopian Blood and Tissue Bank; Ethiopian Public Health Institute, and the Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority.

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