Preparations to Host CSOs Week Underway

ADDIS ABABA – Preparations to mark the annual National Civil Society Organizations Week (CSOs Week) have begun today.

The Authority for Civil Society Organizations and the Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council are collaborating to organize the third CSOs Week.

The duo plan to observe the event under the theme ‘Active Participation of CSOs for Lasting Peace, Respect for Human Rights and Building Good Governance’.

The theme reflects on strengthening the work on human rights protection at various levels as well as strengthening good governance in the sector.

Events in the week include exhibitions to promote CSOs’ work as well as various discussion forums involving development partners, the private sector, government institutions, and more.

Apart from creating a networking platform, the main objective of CSOs Week is to create an opportunity for organizations to promote the role they are playing to the public.

Director General of the Authority for CSOs, Jima Dilbo said efforts are being made in order to strengthen the civil society sector.

“One of these efforts is the annual CSOs Week,” he said. “This platform is meant to create the opportunity to create links within the sector, ensure networking and introduction among CSOs.”

CSOs are expected to play a significant role in peace-building efforts and ensure the upcoming national dialogue process is inclusive and transparent.

The organizers expect the CSOs Week celebration to have a major contribution to highlighting the development activities of the sector.

“One of the objectives of celebrating CSOs Week is to create a platform where the contribution of the sector can be widely known, and to ensure sufficient awareness creation,” Henok Melesse, Executive Director of the Ethiopian CSOs Council said.

The third National Civil Society Organizations Week will be held in May. More than 200 CSOs are expected to participate in the event.