Ethiopia, China Agree to Enhance Political & Economic Ties

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen and his Chinese counterpart, Qin Gang signed a Memorandum of Understanding that aimed to strengthen political consultations between the two countries.

The two ministers also witnessed the signing of a 30 million Yuan debt cancellation agreement between the two sides.

The Ministry of Foreign affairs said the agreements would further enhance their cooperation on political and economic issues.

The signings followed a discussion between Demeke and Gang who has made Ethiopia his first African destination since taking office.

At a press conference, Demeke mentioned his discussion about the Pretoria Peace Agreement and its implementation status with the Chinese Foreign Minister, further appreciating China’s support for peace and stability in Ethiopia.

Demeke addressed members of the press along with Chinese Foreign Minister Gang after their talks.

Foreign Minister Gang reaffirmed the Chinese government’s commitment to strengthening and maintaining its all-weather friendship with Ethiopia in the face of changing international circumstances.

The two countries should strengthen their ties in development cooperation, meet global challenges together, and jointly defend international justice, according to the FM.

He stated that the practice of Chinese Foreign Ministers visiting Africa for the past 33 years reflects China’s determination to further strengthen ties with Africa.

When asked about China’s views on the peace agreement in Ethiopia, FM Gang said that Ethiopia is the common home of all Ethiopian people, including those from Tigray.

The country has now entered a new stage of looking forward to peace and focusing on development after the recent signing of a ceasefire agreement between the federal government of Ethiopia and the TPLF, which has been gradually implemented, he said.

China is sincerely glad to see this and extends warm congratulations to the government and people of Ethiopia, FM Gang said, expressing his country’s view that the Ethiopians have the wisdom and ability to independently resolve their internal differences.


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