Ethiopian, Chinese FMs Discusses Bilateral and Regional Issues

ADDIS ABABA – Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, Demeke Mekonnen, and his Chinese counterpart. Wang Yi, discussed various bilateral and regional issues during a phone conversation on Thursday.

During their conversation, Demeke applauded the long-standing relationship that Ethiopia and China “continued to enjoy with a deep sense of equality, respect, trust, and mutual interest”, the Ministry of Foregn affairs reported in a statement after the conversation.

Demeke, who is also the deputy foreign minister of Ethiopia, appreciating China’s all-rounded support to Ethiopia’s efforts in fighting the COVID 19 pandemic.

He explained the importance of producing the vaccine in Ethiopia and requested his support from China in this regard.

Responding to this request, Yi said the government of China will keep on encouraging Chinese companies to involve more in the matter.

During the discussion, Demeke briefed Yi of the situation in Tigray, where, he said, the government has been doing its level best in rehabilitating displaced people, reconstructing destroyed infrastructure, facilitating dialogue with the public, and providing support to farmers.

He said, despite all the commendable efforts of the government in addressing the concerns of the international community, including supporting independent investigations over allegedly committed atrocities and expanding access to humanitarians to the region, the misinformation campaign against the government is not abated yet, according to the statment.

The Deputy PM said Ethiopia is confident that the people and government of China will continue to take note of “Ethiopia’s genuine efforts to bring the Tigray region into normal life again”.

According to the ministry, Yi appreciated the efforts of the Ethiopian government to rebuild the region and rebuked attempts to meddle in the internal affairs of the country using human rights issues as a pretext.

China will continue to stand firm on its principle of non-interference in the domestic affairs of countries through its deep respect for their sovereign right to handle their internal affairs, the ministry quotes Yi as saying.

The discussion between the two sides also touched upon the trilateral negotiations over the GERD where Demeke affirmed Ethiopia’s commitment to getting solutions via the AU-led process.

Yi, on his part, expressed his country’s readiness to support resolutions for amicable solutions.

The two sides also discussed the border dispute between Ethiopia and Sudan border as well as the upcoming general elections in Ethiopia.