PM Visits Textile & Apparel Factories in Kombolcha IP

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has visited textile and apparel manufacturing plants in Kombolcha industrial park.

The facility is among 13 government-owned industrial parks run by the Industrial parks Development Corporation (IPDC).

The PM and CEO of IPDC Aklilu Tadesse observed the current activities along with investors engaged in textile and apparel manufacturing.

After the visit, the Premier said the activities in Kombolcha show that “Ethiopia’s industry potential is immense.”

The Park, located in the Amhara region, resumed operation in January after rehabilitating its $94 million facilities destroyed during the conflict last year.

The PM has lauded “courageous international investors” who are engaged in textile and apparel manufacturing utilizing modern technology.

“Made In Ethiopia is an overall worthy venture for any investor,” he said in a tweet.

The Park – located about 380km northeast of Addis Ababa – was inaugurated in 2017 as part of Ethiopia’s economic ambition to transform itself into the manufacturing hub of Africa.

It has managed to attract various foreign companies from China, South Korea, and Italy, among others, specializing in manufacturing export-oriented textile and garment products.