AUC Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat

AU, Ethiopia Welcome Sudan’s Initial Transition Deal

ADDIS ABABA – African Union and Ethiopia have welcomed the signing of the Framework Agreement between Sudan’s military Council and Civilian political parties.

The ruling Council signed the initial deal to restore civilian rule in Sudan with the pro-democracy coalition Forces of Freedom and Change on Monday.

The agreement allows for a two-year civilian-led transition towards elections.

AU Commission Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat said the signatory parties now have “to remain open to the political forces that have not signed” the agreement.

He also urged all parties “to work together in good faith, for the establishment of the democratic institutions ensuring the restoration of the Constitutional order of The Sudanese Transition.”

The AU under a trilateral group has backed the negotiations between the army and civilians as a way to restore stability, end mass protests and try to save Sudan’s crashing economy.

Mahamat reiterated the support of the AU for the efforts of the trilateral group which also involved the United Nations and IGAD.

The international actors also need to support Sudan “in this crucial phase of its history with strict respect for its sovereignty, independence, unity and the choices of its people,” Mahamat added.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia also welcomed the initial transition deal calling it “an important step” that would lead Sudan to a free and fair national election”. 

“Ethiopia, while fully supporting the agreement and its implementation, has full confidence in the wisdom of the Sudanese military and political forces to lead their country to a democratic transition to the satisfaction of the aspiration of the Sudanese people,” the ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Tuesday.