Sudanese opposition groups have been protesting regularly since a military coup in October 2021 [File Photo]

Sudan Military, Parties Sign Initial Deal to Restore Civilian Rule

Sudan Military and pro-democracy coalition Forces of Freedom and Change signed an initial agreement to restore civilian rule and end a standoff triggered by a coup in October 2021.

The agreement signed on Monday would limit the military’s formal role to a security and defense council headed by a prime minister.

It, however, leaves sensitive issues including transitional justice and security sector reform for further talks.

The deal also states that the military will form part of a new “security and defense council” under the appointed prime minister, and vows to unify Sudan’s armed forces and impose controls on military-owned companies.

The trilateral mechanism, African Union, United Nations, and IGAD – welcomed the signing of the deal, saying it is “a critical first step towards the restoration of a sustainable transitional period and the formation of a credible” civil government.  

However, key dissenters, including anti-military protest groups and factions loyal to former leader Omar al-Bashir, who was overthrown in 2019, oppose it, according to media reports.

Protests challenging the agreement have also begun in Khartoum as people call for those who led the coup to be held accountable, 

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