Diplomatic Bazaar Returns to Addis Ababa after two-Year Pause

ADDIS ABABA – The annual Diplomatic Charity Bazaar organized by the Diplomatic Spouses Group Ethiopia (DSGE) returns to Addis Ababa after a two-year break.

Around 40 embassies and 14 NGOs have confirmed participation and will be selling traditional products and traditional food from their home countries.  and organizers are promising an event not to be missed

The Bazaar will also feature local food vendors, a large Green Village focusing on vendors producing sustainably in Ethiopia and the Makush Art Gallery will be participating and promoting local art. 

“There is something for children too. There will be a large Kids Corner with a bouncy castle, soccer club, arts & crafts, and children come in for free,” said the organizers.

The Diplomatic Spouses Group Ethiopia has for many years been organizing the Diplomatic Charity Bazaar which is the largest of its kind in Addis. 

Covid and security concerns were blamed for suspending the event for two consecutive years.

The Bazaar organized by volunteer members of the DSGE channels profits from the event to charitable projects through the sub-group “Project Matrix”. 

Grants are awarded to local NGOs that support the most vulnerable groups including orphans, the disabled, the elderly, and women living on the streets.

“We are very happy and relieved to be back with the Bazaar this year as we want and need to continue with this important charity work which changes lives, brings dignity, and makes a long-lasting impact on the lives of more than 5,000 people per year,” says Pekka Holopainen, one of the organizers.

“We are now raising more funds to finance this very important charity work. Every Birr net raised goes to charity.”

The bazaar will take place on December 10, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) compound in Addis Ababa. Tickets are available at Hilton, Hyatt, Food Boutique, and ICS, and can also be purchased through the CBE Birr App.

The first Bazaar was arranged more than two decades ago, and in the past seven years, it has raised and distributed over 25 million Birr. The last Bazaar in 2019 raised over 6 million Birr.

Featured Image: the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) hall in Addis Ababa