Govt Begins Charting out Priorities for HG Economic Reforms 2.0

ADDIS ABABA – The government of Ethiopia has begun charting out priorities for the second phase of Home-Grown Economic Reforms, according to the Ministry of Finance (MoF).

On Tuesday, the says it is undertaking consultations with line ministries to discuss and refine the upcoming Home-Grown Economic Reforms 2.0.

Authorities started the reform agenda with a view to safeguard macro-financial stability and rebalance and sustain economic growth. It also aims at transitioning the economy away from being public sector-led to one that is driven by the private sector.

First Two Consultations

Officials of the Ministry of Finance held the first two consultations on the second phase of the HGERs on Tuesday.

The meetings, the MoF says, “have assessed the achievements and challenges from the implementation of the first phase of reforms and chart priorities for the next phase of reforms.”

With Agriculture Minister Oumer Hussien, the consultation was focused on the past three years’ success in the production of irrigated wheat and the green legacy initiatives.

They also discussed how the success can be replicated in the production of strategic commodities to ensure food security and as well as diversify the export basket, MoF says.

The discussions with Minister of Mines Takele Uma have underscored, among others, the importance of transforming the mining sector to drive industrial growth in the country and promote value addition and exports, according to the Ministry of Finance.

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