Over 230 Minors Return Home from Saudi Arabia

ADDIS ABABA – More than 1, 200 Ethiopians, including Children and minors, have been repatriated from Saudi Arabia on Monday

Ethiopia began a second round of the repatriation effort to bring its citizens held in Saudi detention centers last week.

Three flights onboard a total of 1,256 Ethiopian nationals have arrived at Addis Ababa airport today.

At least 233 of these returnees are children and minors under the age of eighteen, said the ministry of women and social affairs.

The remaining 924 are women and 99 are male, the Ministry added.

The returnees are now in shelter centers where they are getting care and support, said MoWSA.

Since last Monday, a total of 4,582 Ethiopians have been repatriated.

The repatriation effort involves receiving, rehabilitating, and sending returnees to their respective localities in dignity.