Children walking to school in Addis ababa. The 8th-grade Ministry exam serves as the second cycle assessment of the students in Ethiopia's current education system.

City shuts down ‘Nuisance’ Businesses near Schools

ADDIS ABABA – City officials shutdown alcohol, Khat, Shisha shops and other businesses operating near schools in Addis Ababa in an effort to curb nuisance to the institutions’ learning environment.

The Peace and Security Administration office announced it has begun taking measures on the shops and illegal businesses on Friday.

Director of the Office Lidya Girma said the measure covers 206 schools located in 121 districts of the capital.

Authorities invoked the licenses of 99 businesses as part of their sweeping measures.

In addition, the office shut down 194 khat shops, 176 ‘Areke’ (bars) and 25 Shisha houses, 21 unlicensed auto repair shops, and 220 other businesses.

These business establishments were creating an nuisance to the teaching-learning environment of the schools, Lidiya told reporters on Friday.

She said they were also risking students to become addicted to substance abuse, puting the students’ future in jeopardy.

The administration will aggressively continue taking similar measuers, the city’s peace and security chief added.

A 2021 research, conducted in high schools located in Kolfe-Keranyo sub-city, says the availability of substance retailing shops among the major factors for increasing the level of substance use among students in Addis Ababa.

“Strengthening school rules on substance use, controlling substance retailing shops near schools and residential areas, and providing students with health education are all strategies for reducing substance use among students,” reseach recommends.

It says a significant number of students commonly use Alcohol, cigarettes, and Khat although expert call out Khat as a ” gateway drug” to the latter two.