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DigiTruck: Collaborative Drive to Bridge Digital Skill Gap in Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – A DigiTruck project has been launched in Ethiopia with the goal of enabling students in rural and remote areas to benefit from digital technology.

Huawei officially launched its flagship project in Ethiopia in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and iCOG Anyone Can Code (iCOG ACC).

DigiTruck Ethiopia will conduct a country-wide technical tour on its refurbished 40ft container as a training hub equipped with high-end electronic gadgets, including laptop computers, robotic devices, and microelectronics.

DigiTruck’s 40ft container is refurbished to serve as a training hub and is equipped with high-end electronic gadgets for training.

The truck will tour multiple Ethiopian cities to raise awareness about the benefits of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education.

Huawei Ethiopia, the Ministry of Education, and iCOG ACC conducted year-long preparations to roll out the DigiTruck pilot project and training program.

The project aims to bridge the digital divide by establishing a framework for kids and young adults to be introduced to computers, programming, the internet of things (IoT), and more at an early age.

At the launching event, Education Minister Prof. Birhanu Nega praised Huawei and iCOG ACC for the collaborative initiative.

The project, he said, aims “at improving the knowledge of our children and youths on the most basic and, of course, the latest technology”.

The designed program is also expected to impact students beyond their knowledge of traditional school subjects, and problem-solving, as well as emerging tech skills.

“By implementing this project, we are trying to give the same opportunity I had as a kid,” said Betelhem Dessie, CEO of iCOG ACC.

Betelhem further stated the project introduces the basic skillsets of the 21st century to the students.

“Tech education is critical for today’s youth because it provides them with the opportunity and freedom to create.

“By inspiring the next generation of coders, DigiTurk is building a network of innovators that will shape the future of the country’s tech ecosystem.

“This project is a big component in our growing effort to educate kids and youth around Ethiopia on digital literacy, coding, and robotics,” she said.

The project will continue the coding tour for the next seven years, reaching multiple zonal towns throughout the country with the assistance of universities, regional education bureaus, and partner organizations.

Huawei Northern Africa region vice president Leo Liu said Huawei is delighted to bring one of its flagship projects to Ethiopia.

“Our company has always been committed to building a solid IT talent ecosystem in Ethiopia,” he said. “We are pleased to bring digital trucks to Ethiopia as part of Huawei Tech4all- leave no one behind.”

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