E-learning Platform Enables Students Get Free Language Lessons

ADDIS ABABA – The Ministry of Education has launched an e-learning platform to allow students from pre-primary to high school level get free English language lessons.

The ministry has made the internet based intensive e-learning platform involving video supported educational aid, with the help of Ethio Telecom.

Authorities expect the platform to help improve the English language skills, proficiency and competency for over 20 million students.

Ethio Telecom says it will cover the service charge of the e-learning platform, estimating its monthly cost to be 3.75 billion Birr.

It is a part of the company’s social responsibility programs in a range of areas including education, health, humanitarian aid, environmental protection and green legacy initiatives, the telco said.

Students can freely access video supported English language lessons at any time and from any location via:

The state-owned telecom provider has invested billions of Birrs in the past few years in the education sector as part of its social responsibility.

Earlier this year, the company built and inaugurated digital learning centers in 66 selected high schools nationwide equipped with computers and furniture along with fast broadband internet service.

These facilities carried out with over 45.48 million birr investment also aims to support the overall efforts of improving the quality of education and benefit over 140,596 students.