Govt Unveils 30-Year Master Plan for Transport Sector

ADDIS ABABA – A new master plan to guide the development of Ethiopia’s Transport sector for the next 30 years has been unveiled on Thursday.

The plan, Named Ethiopia’s 30-Years Integrated Transport Master Plan or ETMP30, lays out government’ development targets and goals for the sector.

The master plan was designed in a way that modernizes the transport sector and support Ethiopia’s economic growth, said Dagmawit Moges, Transport and Logistics minister, at the launching event today.

The ETMP30 takes various development scenarios, possible economic trends and overall international situation into account.

The Minister said it also introduces innovative themes in Ethiopia’s transport planning, management and operation.

“It’s the right chance to make our transport system sustainable in terms of environment, safety, climate change and congruent with growing future transport demand,” she noted.

“With implementations at national and local levels, ETMP30 will create an integrated transport system using effective and efficient multimodal/intermodal connections.”

Authorities say the plan will guide transport operations for all levels of government with integration of urban/rural and economic development of Ethiopia .

Dagmawi explained that it will also help to spur agriculture, manufacturing, mining and tourism sectors to grow by making transportation accessible to all parts of the country.

“I believe our transport and logistics sector will significantly influence the economic development of Ethiopia favorably for the coming three decades,” Dagmawit said.

“With integrated planning and implementation, our concerted efforts will allow us to put a founding stone for the prosperity of Ethiopia.”

The activities in master plan will greatly increase the involvement of the private sector, the Minister added.

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