ENDF, TPLF Commanders Start Talks in Nairobi

ENDF, TPLF Commanders Start Talks in Nairobi

ADDIS ABABA – ENDF and TPLF commanders have today begun discussion to implement the terms of the peace agreement signed last week to end the conflict in northern Ethiopia.

The two sides have agreed to lay down their arms after a cessation of hostilities deal brokered by the African Union last Wednesday.

The two sides agreed to the restoration of law and order, services and “unhindered access to humanitarian supplies to the people in Tigray region.

The agreement also states that military commanders would meet within five days for an “orderly, smooth and coordinated disarmament” of TPLF’s combatants.

“Today is the fifth day, and the commanders’ meeting has begun in Nairobi,” said Redwan Hussain, National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister.

“That insures safety & expedites humanitarian flow to areas hitherto inaccessible,” Redwan said in a tweet on Monday.

“Expected outcomes”

The meeting in Nairobi comes after chief of military staff Gen Birhanu Jula and TPLF military head Gen Tadesse Werede agreed to meet in Nairobi during their telephone exchanges.

AU envoy for the Horn of Africa Olusegun Obasanjo, a key figure in brokering the peace deal last week, is facilitating the commanders’ meeting along with members of the AU High-level panel.

“The expected outcomes of the meeting include modalities for silencing the guns, humanitarian access, and the restoration of services in the Tigray region,” said the African Union Commission (AUC) in a statement today.

The Commission has also extended its gratitude to Kenya for hosting the senior commanders meeting, saying it a demonstration a commitment to the African Union’s Agenda of Silencing the Guns in Africa,

On Friday, Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Alfred Mutua stated that his country was ready to host the negotiations.

“We think this is just the beginning. We offer Nairobi as very centrally located, and to continue with the talks while bringing other partners… so that we can be able to move in the same direction,” said FM Mutu.

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