Addis Ababa Police Arrest 3, Seized 715 contraband Cell Phones

Addis Ababa Police Arrest 3, Seized 715 contraband Phones

ADDIS ABABA – Police in Addis Ababa have arrested three suspects along with a large number of contraband smartphones and accessories today.

The phones worth 10.7 million Birr were seized from Kolfe-Keranyo Sub City, in an area often called Hulet-Kutir Autobis Mazoria.

The Police said 715 sets of smartphones and many more accessories, transported into Addis Ababa by evading the customs tax, were confiscated.

About 455 cell phones were found in a hidden compartment built-in inside a fuel tank of a pick-up truck transporting the contraband.

The remaining 260 cell phones were found during a search in the houses that the suspects rented.

Three suspects linked with the illegal trade were arrested along with two vehicles used for transporting the contraband items.

According to the Police, the suspects offered the cell phones and an additional two million birr as a bribe for their release to the arresting officers.

“The police officers, however, did a great job of carrying out their duties by bringing the individuals before the law,” commended the Addis Ababa Police.