City Admin Dismisses Claims of Hiring Only Bilingual Job Seekers

ADDIS ABEBA – Authorities have dismissed today claims that job seekers are required to speak at least two local languages to get hired in Addis Abeba city administration.

Claim that government offices are demanding knowledge of two languages are unfounded, said Jantirar Abay, coordinator of public service delivery institutions with the rank of deputy mayor, while speaking to reporters on Sunday.

“There is no legal ground to do that,” Jantirar said. “If there are offices demanding such illegal requirements while hiring, we will take measures”.

Jantirar said Ethiopia’s capital is a charter city and is governed by the Addis Abeba City Government Charter Proclamation, which has been effective since July 1997.

The proclamation states Amharic as the working language of the city administration. In case of any amendment, the proclamation has a provision that determines how.

“This character may be amended where any proposed amendment by the council of the Addis Abeba cavity government is approved or where any amendment is initiated by the federal government,” the charter reads.