TPLF Attacking Kobo City Using human wave Strategy: GCS

ADDIS ABABA – The TPLF is using human wave strategy to attack Kobo town of Amhara regional state, said the federal government of Ethiopia.

In a statement today, the government Communication Services (GCS) said “the terrorist clique TPLF is attacking the city of Kobo in many directions using its usual human wave strategy.”

On the other hand, it said, by embedding its operatives within Kobo, the group “is creating a situation that endangers the safety of the people by bringing a battle into the city center.”

In order to avoid mass casualties in exchange of fire within the city, the defense forces have been forced to leave Kobo city and take defense positions on the outskirts, according to the GCS

“If the terrorist clique TPLF does not refrain from utilizing its youth in human wave strategy to further its attacks, the National Defense Force will be forced to fulfill its legal, moral and historical duty,” the statement reads.