Ethiopia Records First Covid-19 Deaths in over a Week

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia on Sunday recorded its first fatalities from Covid-19 disease in over a week, a Ministry of Health report shows.

The East African country last registered a Covid-related death on Friday, August 4, 2022.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health said two patients passed away due to the communicable respiratory disease,  taking the death toll to 7,571.

Currently, there are now 13 severely sick patients of Covid-19, receiving treatments in medical centers.

Ethiopia has also added fifteen new infections today, bringing the confirmed total, so far, to 492, 728.

In the same period, 18 patients recovered from the disease caused by Coronavirus, according to the Ministry of Health.

The nation has 14, 164 confirmed active cases, says the latest update.

The public is being urged to be vigilant about the virus although the pace of vaccine drive in the country has stagnated in recent days.

Ethiopia started offering the Covid-19 vaccine to its citizens in March 2021. To date, the country has administered more than 52.56 million doses of the vaccine.

Over 43.1 of its citizens have been fully vaccinated receiving at least two shots of the vaccine, according to the Ministry of Health’s report.