President Sahle-Work, EU Envoy Hold Discussion

ADDIS ABABA – President Sahle-Work Zewde has held discussions with the EU envoy for the Horn of Africa, Annette Weber, on the negotiation process to bring peace in northern Ethiopia.

Sahle-Work received the visiting EU envoy Weber in her office on Sunday, as per the office of the president.

The two sides “exchanged views on the humanitarian response to conflict-affected regions in the country and the peace negotiation process,” the office said.

Weber described the exchange with President Sahle-Work Zewde as “encouraging” in a message posted on Twitter, stating EU support for peace talks between the federal government and rebels in the Tigray region.

On Thursday, a security advisor to the PM Office said the government was ready to negotiate without pre-conditions.

“The EU stands committed to support the peace talks and appreciate the courage of the parties to take this step to bring calm, peace and development to the people of Ethiopia,” Weber added.

The conflict has eased in recent months following a truce, to allow humanitarian aid into Tigray.

In the past six months, the Ministry of Health on Sunday said the government and its partner organizations have delivered a total of 308 metric tons of health supplies to the region.

These include medicines and medical supplies worth close to 71.2 million Birr delivered from the government supply system, according to the Ministry.

“This delivery of essential medicines and supplies will continue to be strengthened to reach the communities in need of these services,” it added.