Fed Police Seize over 88 handguns, 5000 Bullets

ADDIS ABABA – Federal Federal Police Commission on Thursday announced the seizure of 88 handguns and more than 5, 000 bullets, destined to Addis Ababa.

In a statement today, the Commission identified the captured handguns as Turkish-made pistols.

They were captured inside an Isuzu track with plate number 3-12568 AA, which was heading from Bahir Dar city to Ethiopia’s capital.

Tipped off by the public, the crime prevention bureau of the federal police managed to stop the truck in an area called Gojjam Checkpoint and found the 80 handguns along with more than 5, 000 bullets.

“Two suspects have already been arrested in connection with the case and they are now a subject of a broader investigation,” said the Federal Police in the statement.

Private trade on weaponry is illegal in Ethiopia. Those found to have involved themselves in arms trafficking would face prison terms of eight to 20 years, as per its new gun control law ratified in January, 2020.