Ethiopia’s RIDE to Expand its Taxi-Hailing Service to Djibouti

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia’s taxi-hailing and Booking Service prover, RIDE, is set to enter Djibouti after its parent company, Hybrid Designs Plc, finalized preparation to launch the service in the neighboring nation.

The move is part of the company’s ambitious expansion strategy of working with taxi operators in the horn of African countries.

“Hybrid Designs has finalized plans to launch operations in Djibouti soon,” announced Hybrid Designs, a software and application developing company, today. 



“We would like to thank all of you who have supported and encouraged us to join the international market,” the company added. 

Djibouti will be the first foreign market for RIDE to operate since Hybrid Designs launched the app-based hailing services in Ethiopia nearly a decade ago.

Its expansion plan in the horn region with the start of operations in Djibouti has been warmly welcomed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.  

“The growth and global expansion of homegrown enterprises are a source of national pride and assets,” said the PM in a message posted on his Twitter account today.

In response, the CEO of Hybrids Designs Plc, Samrawit Fikru, said: “getting recognition from our PM will push the team to work hard and deliver a better quality service.”

Hybrids Designs’ RIDE app currently connects over 40, 000 drivers with ride transport service users in Addis Ababa alone.