ENDF Rejects Sudanese Defense Forces’ Claim as Baseless

ADDIS ABABA – The Ethiopia National Defense Force (ENDF) has dismissed baseless claims of Sudanese Defense Forces about the incident that occurred near the two countries’ border.

Ethiopia say the skirmish happened within Ethiopian territory “after incursions by a Sudanese regular army unit supported by elements of the terrorist TPLF” on June 22, 2022, and clashed with the local militia.  

It also said an investigation into the incident would be launched soon, urging Sudanese officials to restrain themselves from escalating the incident. 

The military rule in Khartoum, however, has recalled Sudan’s ambassador to Addis Ababa and summoned Ethiopia’s envoy alleging that the Ethiopian army apprehended and killed Sudanese soldiers.

Its military officials are also beating a war drum saying they will respond.

‘Diverting attention

Today, the Ethiopian national defense force has dismissed the Sudanese army’s allegations as unfounded and baseless, saying its troops were not even in the area when the skirmish occurred.

ENDF’s spokesperson Col. Getnet Adane told ENA that the Sudan defense forces often engage in provocations on border areas whenever it faces an internal crisis.

The Sudanese army also invaded Ethiopian territories when the conflict in northern Ethiopia started eighteen months ago. Col.Getnet said the Sudanese military invaded the area in a way that did not match the historical ties between the people of the two nations. 

The latest incident also occurred after the Sudanese forces crossed the Ethiopian territory and clashed with the local militias, he said adding the skirmish resulted in damages from both sides.

Contrary to the real fact on the ground, accusing the Ethiopian national defense force is totally unacceptable and baseless claim, Col. Getnet affirmed.

The spokesperson defended ENDF’s strong discipline, citing its records in the missions in Korea, Congo, and the recent mission in the Abyei area.  

Officials believe that the incident was “deliberately concocted to undermine relations” between the two nations and it was also designed to destruct Ethiopia from its path of peace and development. Ethiopia is expected to fill its Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) for the third time, starting next August.

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