Ethiopian to Cover Air Travel Costs for 100 Children with Chronic Heart Problems 

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Airlines has agreed to cover transport costs for 100 children with chronic heart problems and their families traveling to India for treatment.

The airline, Ministry of Health, the Children’s Heart Fund of Ethiopia, and Rotary Ethiopia signed a memorandum of understanding on Thursday to help children with Cardiovascular disease get treatment.

As per the agreement, the airlines will cover air travel costs for 100 children who will travel to India for chronic heart problem treatment as well as 100 family members who will accompany the patients, during their trip.

The other signatories will cover the remaining cost of their medical and related expenses of the patients traveling to India.

Currently, at least 7, 000 children with heart problems are on the Cardice Center Ethiopia and public hospital’s waiting lists for surgical treatment.

Today’s agreement will help those children with chronic heart conditions to receive treatments abroad and here, according to the ministry of health.

The airline officials pledged to continue support efforts to help children with heart problems get proper medical treatments.

India is one of Ethiopian Airlines’ key destinations in the Asian continent and Ethiopian currently flies to four passenger destinations in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai cities.