Geneva DCAF Expands Support to Ethiopian Police University

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Federal Police has signed a memorandum of understanding with Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance or Geneva DCAF on Wednesday.

The security Centre has been supporting the reform efforts of the Federal Police since 2020.

The center said the new agreement, signed in the framework of its programme in the country, will include a gender audit validation at the Ethiopian Police University.

The MoU was signed between Director of Geneva DCAF, Thomas Guerber, and Deputy-commissioner Gen. Mesfin Abebe, also the President of the University, one of the oldest institutions of higher education for policing in Africa.

The agreement is, DCAF said, a step towards institutional recognition of the centrality of gender equality in the provision of security services.

On the same day, DCAF presented the Ethiopian Police University with a commendation plaque for completing a gender self-assessment.

The assessment, supported by DCAF’s African office, was aimed at identifying both good practices and barriers to gender equality at the University.

DCAF is a foundation under Swiss law and a Member state-based organisation which seeks to enable lasting peace and sustainable development.