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Ethio Telecom Agrees to Lease Data Center to Five Private Institutions

ADDIS ABABA – Ethio Telecom signed data center leasing service agreements with five financial and internet service provider institutions on Friday.

The telco launched its newly built Tier 3 Data Center with 99% reliable connectivity and high electric power saving capacity in May, 2021.

The canter, located in Gola Sefer area of Addis Ababa, was initially built with the main objective of serving Ethio Telecom’s existing services such as Telebirr and business support systems.

Its extra capacity has now become a source of revenue as it could be used for new businesses that need colocation and cloud services.

On Friday, the company signed a memorandum of understanding with five private institutions – Zemen Bank, Rays Micro Finance, ZamZam Bank, Hijira Bank, and Websprix.

The agreement would enable these institutions to use the data center for modernizing their information technology system, said Ethio Telecom.

The latest agreements would increase the number of Ethio Telecom’s enterprise customers/partners currently co-located in the center to nearly 90.

“We would like to thank the executives and board members of these five partner institutions for choosing our modular data center,” said the telecom firm.

The center is among two newly built two modular data centers of Ethio Telecom and three more similar facilities are also under construction.

In addition, it said a big Green Data Center that can host 1000 racks with geographical redundancy is under requirement preparation. Five sites are already made available outside Addis Ababa for geography redundancy equipped with its own disaster-time emergency backup, according to the company.