Ethiopia Exports $421mln worth of Cut Flowers in Ten-month

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has exported cut flowers worth 421 million US dollars to the international market in the past ten months, a ministry of agriculture (MoA) official said.

The revenue constitutes 84% of the foreign currency the horticultural sector generated in the reported period, said Mekonnen Solomon, head of MoA’s Horticulture Investment Directorate, speaking to the run The Ethiopian Herald newspaper on Sunday.

The sector has also created about 40,000 new permanent jobs in the reported period, Mekonnen added.

Flower makes a significant contribution to the Ethiopia’s annual Horticulture export, which, last fiscal year, generated $531 million revenue.

The revenue from flower export in the current 2021/22FY so far makes it the second top forex generating agricultural commodity, next to coffee.

Coffee generated a record-breaking 1.014 billion US dollars revenue for Ethiopia in the first nine months of the FY alone.

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