Coffee Export Generates a Record $1.014bln Revenue

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has registered a record 1.014 billion US Dollars from coffee export in the last ten months of the current fiscal year, achieving its export target for the entire year.

The amount is the highest the country managed to secure not only in ten months but also broke its record of annual revenue from coffee export.

The nation secured record-breaking revenue after exporting close to 300,000 tonnes of coffee to the international market.

Director-General of Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, Adugna Debela, described the achievement of the coffee sector as the “proudest moment for the country.”

“This is a historic achievement that Ethiopia has earned from coffee export,” he said.

“We owe very special thanks to all stakeholders and exporters who took responsibility and commitment to bring this amazing result.”

The previous annual coffee revenue record was registered just last year, when Ethiopia obtained $906 million from Coffee export. The revenue was secured after exporting 248, 000 tonnes of coffee to the international market.