About 1, 030 Ethiopians Airlifted from Saudi

ADDIS ABABA – About 1, 030 Ethiopians including five children have been airlifted from Saudi Arabia, says Ministry of Social Affairs, as the government repatriates more citizens for the second day this week.

The Ministry of Women and Social Affairs said a total of 1, 029 Ethiopians including five children have been airlifted in three rounds today.

All the repatriates are male, the ministry added. 

Ethiopia started bringing its nationals living in difficult situations in the Gulf nation back to their country on March 30, 2022. More than 18, 000 nationals have returned home, so far.  

Authorities plan to airlift at least 102,000 citizens in the repatriation process scheduled for the next six months.

The repatriation process is led by a national committee composed of 16 government agencies. The Comissee has scheduled three flights a day for three days in a week