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Nine-month Export Trade Generates $2.95bln

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has secured over $2.95 billion dollars from export trade in the first three quarters of the 2021/22 fiscal year.

The figure has grown by 20.3% as compared to the revenue obtained in the same months last year.

The Ministry of Trade in a statement today announced that the nation has exported commodities worth $2.95 billion to the international market, achieving 91% of its target for the period.

The agriculture sector has continued to play a significant role the export trade.

It has contributed 69% of the export revenues earned, said the trade ministry.

Coffee was the star performer among agricultural commodities, bringing in over $894 million revenue.

Manufacturing and mining sectors have also generated the remaining 16% and 15% of the total export earnings.

The export trade performance is still on track to repeat last years annual record performance in terms of value.

Ethiopia exported $3.6 billion worth commodities to the international market during the previous 2020/2021 FY.

About $2.47 billion of the total revenue was obtained from agricultural commodities export.


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