Covid-19: Ethiopia Records 23 Cases, Zero Deaths

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has recorded 23 new infections of COVID-19 as 133 patients recover from the disease on Thursday.

At least 4, 159 people have been tested for the Coronavirus in the last twenty-four hours to identify the latest 23 cases, says the ministry of health.

The nation, which recorded its first case in March 2020, has confirmed 470, 515 cases, so far.

About 455, 279 of them have already recuperated from the disease, says the ministry, after adding 133 recoveries today.

It has also registered zero Covid-19 related deaths on the day, extending the number of days without confirmed fatality to eight days.

The nation last recorded a Coronavirus-induced fatality on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

The national death toll currently stands at 7,510.

Meanwhile, two seriously sick Covid-19 patients have been discharged from hospital in the last 24-hours, reducing the severe cases total to 13.

The patients are among 7,711 confirmed active cases in the country, the report shows.

Like the last few weeks, not a single dose of Covid-19 vaccine has been given within the 24-hours period, as per the date in today’s report.

Ethiopia launched its vaccine drive in March 2021. To date, it has administered more than 29.41m doses of the vaccine. About 24.5 million its citizens are also fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus.