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Authorities Boost Online Trade License & Registration Services with Telebirr

ADDIS ABABA – The Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration (MoTRI) partnered with Ethio Telecom to integrate its online trade registration and licensing system with Telebirr digital payment platform.

The integration would enable businesses to settle fees for 13 services that the trade ministry privides digitally in a convenient and secured manner.

Top officials of the Trade Ministry and Ethio Telecom signed the partnership agreement on Telebirr-based Digital payment service on Monday.

MoTI activated the online trade license and registration system at the national level in July following months of testing period.

The system has so far uaed to register and license more than 270, 000 new businesses. They are among 2.7 million registered businesses in Ethiopia.

With  the Telebirr-supprted system, Trade minister Gebremeskel  Challa said getting trade license, registration, renewal and other related services would be easy for businesses.

Ethio Telecom said the partnership agreement will play key roles for the customers of the MoTRI to easily settle the service payments.

How it works

MoTRI’s customers can get the service

  • First log in online with their account,
  • Select service type,
  • Fill the application form and
  • use the payment order number they receive, and settle the service fees via telebirr App or *127#.

The state-owned digital services provider launched the Telebirr digital payment platform in May, 2021. So far, it has acquired 24.9 million subscribers, 101 master agents, 87 thousand agents and 23,000 merchants.

The platform has also been integrated with 16 banks to transfer money from bank to telebirr and with 13 banks to transfer money from telebirr to bank and over 101.1 billion ETB has been transacted.

Apart from the trade ministry, Ethio Telecom has signed several partnership deals to integrate their services with Telebirr.

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