Security Agencies to Act against Groups Disrupting Peace, Economy

ADDIS ABABA – The National Security Council of Ethiopia has decided to take necessary measures against groups and individuals engaged in disrupting the peace and economic sabotage.

The council discussed the current peace and security situation of the country during a meeting, chaired by the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, on Friday morning.

In a statement issued after the discussion, the council said there are forces that have been working to serve the interests of the historical enemies of Ethiopia either for their personal gains or unknowingly.

The Council has, therefore, decided to take actions against illegally armed groups and individuals who are working to destabilize the nation, according to the statement. The measures to enforce the law will be carried out based on the necessary research and evidence, the council added.

They will target groups and individuals engaged in land grabbing and other acts of theft and fraud, disrupting public transport and other services, development and investment activities of the country.

Appropriate steps will also be taken against illegal traders who smuggle fuel and other products into neighbouring countries in order to exacerbate the existing inflation on the cost of food and commodities, according to the council.