500 Patients Recover as nation Sees zero Covid Deaths

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has registered zero Covid-19 related deaths and 500 recoveries on Friday, a ministry of health report says.

This is for two consecutive days that the nation has recorded no fatalities related to Covid-19. The death toll remains at 7, 510.

According to the Ministry of health update, the recovery total has continued to significantly outnumber daily cases for the second day in row.

At least 500 patients have recovered from the disease in the past twenty-four hours, says the ministry that confirmed 16 new infections in the same period.

This has helped the nation’s confirmed active cases count to drop further to 8, 230.

Fifteen of them are severely sick and are getting treatment in hospitals.

– Vaccine Drive –

The vaccination pace is at a standstill with the ministry report showing zero additional shots of Covid-19 vaccine given on Friday.

Ethiopia has administered over 29.41 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine. Over 24.5 million people are also fully vaccinated against the virus.

The vaccination push started a year after health officials recorded Ethiopia’s first Coronavirus case in March, 2020. To date, the country has confirmed 470, 405 infections, and 454, 663 recoveries.