Ethiopian Public Health Institute Gets New Director General

ADDIS ABABA – Dr. Mesay Hailu, vice president of Hawassa University, has been appointed as Director General for Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI).

Dr. Mesay assumed his new role at the EPHI on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, replacing former director general Dr. Ebba Abate.

Dr. Mesay is an Associate Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology.

Prior to his new appointment, Dr. Mesay was serving as the vice President of Hawassa University.

Minister of health Dr. Lia Tadesse has welcomed him to the top position at the autonomous federal government institute.

“My warm congratulations to Dr. Mesay Hailu for being appointed as Director General for Ethiopian Public Health Institute,” said the minister.

“Bringing your many years of experience, I am looking forward to working together to transform the health sector,” she said. “Welcome!”

Established by the council of ministers regulation No. 301/2013, the institute is accountable for the Minister of Health with a task of improving the general public health in Ethiopia through various undertakings.

The activities include undertaking research on priority health and nutrition issues for evidence based information utilization and technology transfer, apart from effective public health emergency management and establishing quality laboratory systems in the country.