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Tech Firm Introduces System to Integrate Hotels with Police Digitally

ADDIS ABABA – A local tech firm has introduced a new data control and administration system that could integrate hotels with police networks digitally.

Developed by Link all Technology S.C., the system was launched in the presence of Huria Ali, State Minister of Innovation and Technology, on Sunday.

Yenus Abdu, CEO of the tech company, said the system was officially introduced after an investigation and evaluation of processes involving stakeholders in the security and hospitality sectors.

It could play a big role in modernizing the works of hotel owners, federal, regional and traffic police offices, Yenus added.

State minister Huria, on her part, said the system could bring the police’s crime prevention work up to date, according to the ministry of Innovation and Technology.

Currently, guests at hotels nationwide use only their identity card to register, creating an opportunity for criminals to use forged ID cards to check in.

Apart from updating data administration works, experts say the system could also be used in national data collection and contribute to big data analysis.

Link All S.C. was founded by few tech individuals a couple of years ago with the aim of optimizing Ethiopian infrastructure through digitization.


Featured Image Caption; State Minister Huria Ali speaking at the launching ceremony [Photo MoIT]