Ethiopian gets 7th Dan in Taekwon-Do

ADDIS ABABA – Master Wogayehu Behailu added a historical chapter to his 35 year long martial arts career as he continues to make history.

The International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) organized a three-day long international instructor course in Addis Ababa, this week.

The course was given by Grand Master Ung Kim Lan. Grand Master Héctor Marano, and Master Harry Vones of the ITF.

About 25 candidates were examined for dans of various categories on Tuesday.

Wogayehu was the first African athlete in the ITF’s history that was examined for the 7th Dan. He successfully achieved the master title, announced the ITF.

This is for the second time Wogayehu has been included in ITF’s history books. Sabum was promoted to 6th degree by the ITF six years ago, becoming the first man to so from the Continent.

Last Tuesday, he received the 7th dan in a sport he spent more than 35 years of his life.

Meanwhile, Tamrat Feyessa was reelected as president of the African Taekwon-Do Federation during the fifth Congress held in Addi Ababa last Thursday. Daouda Diouf of Senegal and Alasser Hassan Abdi of Djibouti were also elected to serve as Vice-President and Secretary General of the ATF, respectively.