US to Provide $114mln to Drought Response in Horn of Africa

ADDIS ABABA – The United States is providing nearly $114 million humanitarian aid for three drought-affected countries in the Horn of Africa, its development agency said.

In a statement Wednesday, the USAID said the assistance would help to meet the needs of people in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.

The three countries have been affected by unprecedented drought after two straight years of inadequate rainfall, leaving over 20mln people in to need of emergency food aid this year.

Besides, the war in Eastern Europe further compound the needs, as food prices rise and the region can no longer import critical wheat from Russia and Ukraine, two of the world’s biggest wheat producers.

USAID’s statement does not disclose specifics regarding how much of the latest donations would go to each country.

It, however, said the humanitarian aid would provide lifesaving food assistance in the three countries.

“We call on other donors to join us in scaling up their assistance to respond to humanitarian needs triggered by the worsening drought,” the the US aid agency said.

Including this, the US has provided nearly $161 million assistance to the three countries since the beginning of the 2022FY.