Tamirat Negera Released from Prison on Bail

ADDIS ABABA – Tamrat Negera, editor-in-chief of Terara Network (TM), has been released from jail on Wednesday.

“It’s with great relief that we announce the release of Tamrat Negera today after 118 days in detention,” said Terara Network media on its Facebook account on Wednesday morning.

Tamriat’s release comes a day after the Oromia Supreme Court ordered the police to release him on 50,000 birr bail.

Tamirat, co-founder of the online outlet Terara Network, was arrested on December 10, 2021 in Daleti police station but he has not been charged.

He is the third journalist to be released on bail since the start of April.

Last Friday, Amir Aman, an AP accredited journalist, was released from detention, along with his cameraman Tomas Engeda.

The two were arrested in November as they were covering a story about the violence in Ethiopia’s Oromia region.

They were arrested for breaching the state of emergency and anti-terrorism laws by interviewing members of an insurgent group, but have not been charged.


Featured Image Caption: Tamrat Negera was released from prison on Wednesday morning [Photo TM]