Council Names Ordin Bedri as President of Harari Regional State

ADDIS ABABA – The newly formed Council of Harari has today reelected Ordin Bedri as chief administrator of the eastern regional state of Ethiopia.

Ordin has been leading the region for the past three years.

On Friday, he was sworn in during the Council’s meeting to serve as president of the region for additional five-year term

Ordin told the Council that he will continue to build upon the recent positive developments registered in the region and also address the gaps observed to all serve equally.

He said his administration together with the newly formed council will exert their efforts to increase the region’s agricultural productivity and  ensure the overall economic and social benefits of its residents.

The region will also continue working “to successfully complete the ongoing multi-faceted historical struggle to keep the sovereignty and unity of our country”, Ordin added.

Prior to his reelection, the council chose Sultan Abduselam as the speaker of the House, replacing Adissalem Bezabih, while appointing Arif Mohamed as deputy speaker of the Council.