Ethiopia Reports Zero Covid Deaths for three days in a row

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia has registered zero Covid-19 deaths for the third day in a row as more patients recover.

The nation has not recorded a Covid-19 disease-related fatalities since Sunday as the ministry of health Covid-19 reported zero Covid deaths on Tuesday.

The National death toll remains at 7, 489.

The Ministry has also reported 24 new infections from 5,670 people tested in the last twenty-four hours, taking the confirmed cases total to 469, 494.

About 425, 337 have already recovered with the help of a surge in recovery cases in the past couple of days.

Today alone, the report says 1,893 patients of Covid-19 have recuperated from the acute respiratory disease.

The increase in daily recoveries has helped for both active and severe cases to drop further.

There are now only 23 seriously sick patients in the ICU, says the report that puts the confirmed active cases total at 36, 666.

Health officials also pushed ahead with its national immunization campaign on Tuesday albeit at a relatively low rate.

The report says over 11, 000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been given to the public in the last twenty-four hour.

This has taken the total shots offered in the nation to more than 29.24 million. Close to 24.25 million Ethiopians have also been fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus.