Ministry of Revenues Collects 221.4 billion Birr in Eight-Month

ADDIS ABABA – Ministry of Revenues has collected more than 221.4 billion birr from tax and non-tax revenues in the past eight months of this budget year, its top official said on Tuesday.

The amount is about 19 billion birr short of its target, set at 40.3 billion birr. It has, however, shown 30.2 billion birr, or 15.7%, rise as compared to the same months of the previous year.

Revenues Minister Lake Ayalew disclosed that the ministry achieved 92.1% its planned figure, securing 221.48 billion birr revenues in the eight-month period.

The biggest revenue of the total figure, or over 131.1 billion Birr, came from domestic taxes.
The remaining 90.3 billion birr was collected from export taxes and customs duties.

The Minister said the achievement was made amid various security and Covid-19 related challenges, calling the overall performance “excellent”.

The conflict in particular has forced the ministry to close four of its branches in northern Ethiopia.

Despite facing similar challenges, the ministry garnered 279.4 billion birr of the planned 290 billion birr last year. It’s now targeting to secure 360 billion revenues by the end of this budget year.