Abiy Commends Preparation for annual Green Legacy Drive

ADDIS ABABA – Preparation for the annual green tree-planting campaign which aimed at curbing the effects of climate change and deforestation, is well underway, according to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

“Commendable preparations being undertaken before the rainy season begins to capture rainwater for this year’s Green Legacy program as well as to protect soil from erosion,” Abiy said in a tweet Thursday evening.

The Green Legacy initiative was launched in 2019 as part of the government’s plan to plant 20 billion seedlings within four years.

According to government’s data, a total of 18 billion trees have been planted in the first three years of the initiative.

The public is urged to take the initiative and prepare for the 2022-edition of the green legacy program, scheduled for Kirmet rainy season which runs from June to start of September.

“I encourage all throughout the country to adequately prepare ahead of the upcoming rainy season,” Prime Minister Abiy said.